'Pay Per Lift' System

With our Pay per Lift service, you pay an annual service charge of €50 upfront and then have sufficient credit on your account at least 24 hours prior to leaving your bin out to be collected. Your account must be in credit for us to provide a collection service. Topping up your account online entitles you to an additional 3% credit which is added onto your account balance (please note, this may take a few hours to take affect).

Bin Type Lift Price
240L Black Bin*

From €9.00 

(€9.90 from 8/6/15)

140L Brown Bin


(€4.90 from 8/6/15)

Annual Service Charge upfront €50.00
Recycling Bin Free of Charge

*Price based on weight up to 40kg per lift.  Excess Charges of €0.20 per kg over 40kg.

To put credit (top up) onto your account:

1. Log onto www.thorntons-recycling.ie and choose 'pay online'. You will be prompted to enter your customer (account) no and your verification code. The verification code is the last four digits of the sixteen digit number on the back of your payment card This will bring you into your account where you can view the amount of credit on your account and make a payment if necessary.

2. Visit any Payzone outlet.

Simply bring your payment card to a shop in your area displaying the Payzone symbol and top up your account as you would your mobile phone.

Your pin number is the same as the verification number above

Note: There is a €5 charge for a replacement card