Domestic Customers Service


The More you Recycle the less you Pay

Thorntons currently offers the following account management services to our customers:

AREA Pay by Lift.  Payments Card Pay by Weight

Under these systems customers are encourage to recycle as much material as possible and reduce the amount of waste produced.   These options are explained in more detail below.


Option 1 - Pay by Lift - Payments Card

Under this system the customer will pay an annual service charge of €50.   After this the customer will only pay for their black and brown bin collections at a fixed price per lift.  The Green Recycling bin collection is free of charge provided your account is in credit. Pricing below is for PAY AS YOU GO customers in Dublin, Meath and Kildare.

Please contact us on 01-6235133 to avail of our premium service TODAY.


Option  2 -  Pay By Weight Annual Fixed Charge

Under this system the customer pays an annual service charge up front based on the expected weights of their combined black and brown bins.  There is no charge for the green bin.   The lower the weights in your black and brown bins the less you will pay.  Customers can view their weight information on-line at any time on our website.

Weight charges are as follows:

Band Weight per Year Charges Inc VAT
A Less than 400kgs €230
B 401kgs  - 700kgs €285
C 701kgs - 1,000kgs €320
D 1,000kgs to 1,250kgs €360


How Pay by Weight works

Under our pay-by-weight system you are only charged for the weight of material in your black(waste) and brown (organic) bin, there is no charge for the green bin. For every collection the bin is weighed and recorded and a statement of your weights sent to you every 6 months.  At the end of each year your weights are reviewed and reconciled to ensure that you have been charged the appropriate fee. See our "Pay Per Weight System" section on this website for further information.

The more you recycle the less you pay!!!!!

Thorntons Recycling is the only company that can provide a single solution for all your waste management needs.


Thorntons Recycling Domestic office hours are:

8am to 6pm Monday to Friday

8am to 2pm on Saturday

for further information, please email  or

Phone 01-6235133


Not only is our service good for the environment it's good for your pocket!!!!  - the more you recycle the less you pay.

Please check your calendar for your correct bin service day

Please ensure your bin is left out on time.  Services start from 6am each day.



Notice to All Customers re Additional Material

Under current Local Authority Bye Laws customers are not allowed to place any material - black or green bin - next to or on top of their bins.  ALL MATERIAL MUST BE IN THE BIN AND THE BIN MUST BE CLOSED.   Failure to adhere to this rules may result in the Local Authority issuing the householder with a fine.   To avoid this please contact our customer services department for another bin and avoid being levied with a fine by the Local Authority.   Thorntons do not accept any liability for Local Authority fines made to its customers.


For more information on Local Authority Collection Bye-Laws please click on the relevant link below:

Dublin City Council Bye Laws -  DCC WasteBye-Laws

South Dublin County Council Bye Laws  -  South Dublin County Council Bye Laws

Wicklow County Council Bye Laws - Wicklow County Council Bye Laws